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Anachronism Stew: The story claims to take place “before

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How about we just do Easter like how we were brought up doing it? What is so wrong with that? My parents put nickels, dimes and quarters in plastic eggs and hid them around the house. Finding and then snapping open an egg with three quarters in it was the biggest thrill. And if you got the egg with the one dollar bill in it? Score! As little girls, we wore matching dresses, bonnets and gloves and went to church and stayed after in the hall to eat glazed donuts and drink OJ out of tiny cups. After, we went through our pink (un monogrammed, GASP!) fake straw baskets, digging under the lime colored Easter grass looking for chocolate coins, jelly beans and if we were lucky, a chocolate bunny and maybe a plastic bracelet or necklace we could wear for the day. We would head to grandma’s house, where we would swim all day with our cousins, between shoving candy in our mouths and waiting on the huge dinner she was preparing. At day’s end we were exhausted and content, having had a taste of what our laid back summer would be like. Our parents did nothing over the top special. There were no Pinterest perfect crafts or pricey gifts. But yet, I can recall a day that took place over 30 years ago with perfect clarity.

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Anachronism Stew: The story claims to take place “before