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Deadly Lunge: More common than in the original game

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Granted, without her actions there would be no game, but still. Deadly Lunge: More common than in the original game, to make up for fewer zombies. Defeat Means Friendship: It takes defeat for Isabela to start to cooperate with Frank. Cletus lives in this version, and opens his shop for you.

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wholesale replica handbags Flashback: An odd one, to be sure. Trixie conjures up a magical screen to show what happened to her after “Boast Busters”. Foreshadowing: We’re told in the opening scene that the Alicorn Amulet is dangerous. We find out at the midpoint why it’s so dangerous. There are several hints that Twilight was actually staging her magic in the second duel: “Stallion” Applejack looks a lot like Big Mac, and even uses Mac’s “Eeyup” catchphrase, although in Applejack’s voice. wholesale replica handbags

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Deadly Lunge: More common than in the original game