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From the Habanero to the Jalapeno

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Burning with Anger: Sei tells Dominic that his fire powers are stronger the angrier he becomes, but not to let it get too strong that it burns him up as well. But Thou Must!: A couple of the choices are largely arbitrary in the moment, though the consequences may later affect you. The Casanova: Dominic is a shameless flirt and, if rumors are to be believed, has had no shortage of willing young ladies. From the Habanero to the Jalapeno, among other peppers, these spicy little guys will boost your metabolism by up to 25%. It’s also been said that they can help reduce cravings. There is something called capsaicin which is found in these peppers and it’s known to stimulate the body’s pain receptors which is going to temporarily increase circulation and metabolism..

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From the Habanero to the Jalapeno