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His grand plan does certainly spring from pettiness and is

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Cap doesn’t even consider killing Tony, even when Bucky is threatened, and he extends the olive branch to Tony and the other Avengers in the end. Prior to that, during the airport battle the opposing Avengers teams went out of their way to subdue rather than capture. And Tony, except in the case of Bucky, tries his best to do everything not to hurt anyone opposing him.

Replica Goyard Bags Dark World has another example similar to the first: The Nameless Passenger, the mysterious entity manipulating Twilight and her friends, turns out to be her Nightmare self, Nightmare Paradox. Twilight was never a nobody, but she was just an ordinary unicorn; the version of her that became Paradox is a Knight Templar Mad Goddess who’s become a Bigger Bad than Discord, trapping him in a “Groundhog Day” Loop as an eternal torment and not caring at all for the billions of beings she manipulates and condemns to non existence in order to continue said loop. Replica Goyard Bags

Valentin replica Affably Evil: Dr. Noah. His grand plan does certainly spring from pettiness and is threatening genuinely destruction he intends to kill off all men taller than him but it’s also him standing up for the little guy, after a fashion (since goofy guys like him will now get their choice of women, who will all be turned beautiful by the same device). Valentin replica

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His grand plan does certainly spring from pettiness and is