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Humans Are the Real Monsters: What the Mayoiga Tsukumogami

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A Garfield and Friends episode had Jon complaining about food prices. Garfield stated Jon would rant about how life at farm used to be cheaper because his family cultivated their own food there. Jon proved him right. People never pay attention to the fact that their oral health has a relation to their overall health as well. People only believe that the mouth is only to be used for eating and has no bearing on the body. This leads them to neglect this part and encourages them to take risks that leave them exposed to other infections.. Humans Are the Real Monsters: What the Mayoiga Tsukumogami believe, and not without reason, since all of them were mistreated by their owners in the past, and there’s a faction in Tsuzura Temple that believes in enslaving the Tsukumogami and disposing of rebellious ones. Identical Twin ID Tag: The two Azami can be distinguished by their clothes: one wears a black kimono and the other wears a schoolgirl uniform. I Know Your True Name: Tsukumogamis are forced to obey any command given by their owner when using their true names, although it’s useless if they can’t hear it.

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Humans Are the Real Monsters: What the Mayoiga Tsukumogami