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I never paid much attention to what other widows did about

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If you are a vender and would like a table at the Christmas Fair call 235 2420 and ask for Myrtle to reserve a space. The deadline for reserving space is November 25. The Cohoes Senior Center is located at 10 Cayuga Plaza, Cohoes. Featuring retired Col. Mike McCermott. Cake and punch will follow..

silicone mould Is kind of watching your entire big moment in life through a little 5 inch screen, says Lizzie Post, a great great granddaughter of etiquette expert Emily Post and president of the Emily Post Institute. Not really in the moment. We recording the moment. silicone mould

decorating tools Edward “Ned” Mansfield took over the Kent News in 1846. Usually, with the holiday edition, he would only print “half a sheet,” that is, a four page paper with two blank pages. But he generally had a positive holiday message such as that on Dec. I never paid much attention to what other widows did about their rings. I dont want to look stupid. Mary Smith (not my real name). decorating tools

cake decorations supplier DEAR JEANNIE LEONARD: My sister’s stepchildren are miserable tightwads. Several years ago, my sister “Kathleen” and her husband “Larry” bought two adjacent cemetery plots. Now he’s died, and his two kids from his first marriage are his executors and principal beneficiaries. cake decorations supplier

plastic mould The big autumn project, Pumpkin Fest, was held on Sunday, October 25, at the Trumansburg Fair Grounds. This event was a fundraiser for various school groups, but was organized by the Leadership in Action class this year. Student Council created the haunted house and sold cookbooks with recipes from district employees and students. plastic mould

baking tools For your peace loving lover Liberty United jewelry If you detest jewelry ads that promise men, in effect, “give diamonds, get pussy,” yet still want to wow the object of your affection with a shiny object, forget about blood diamonds from mall marketers. Look instead to Liberty United, which makes gorgeous women’s, men’s, and unisex jewelry out of illegal guns and ammo they’ve taken off the streets, and remakes them into “powerful symbols of action that you wear every day and that fund programs to save a child’s life,” with 20 to 25 percent of profits going to fund programs for kids who are at high risk of becoming crime victims involving firearms. A double strand white sapphire, mother of pearl, and recycled gunmetal necklace will run you $3,895; more affordable options include a $195 silver and recycled gunmetal pendant in the shape of a sword and ploughshare, complete with the serial number of the gun used to make it, or a set of Winchester 1873 rifle barrel cufflinks in gunmetal, rose gold, 14 karat gold decorating tools, or rhodium for $125. baking tools

fondant tools Had an eight track tape player it was so cool! Petersen recalled. In August 1966, Wendy drove them to school to register for classes. Was going to ride home with her, Petersen said. Acronym Theme For the acronym theme, each team member gets input from other team members about his positive traits. Each positive trait must start with a letter in the team member’s name. For instance, if the team member’s name is “Don,” other team members could suggest things like “daring,” “original” and “noble.” Instruct the teams to decorate their doors with the acronyms in a way that embodies them as teams fondant tools.

I never paid much attention to what other widows did about