It comes in a range of polyurethane or leather colours and is - Agência V-Control. Ligue (11) 23568151

It comes in a range of polyurethane or leather colours and is

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To keep law and order on the planet, The Federation sends Marshall Bravestarr. Bravestarr, thanks to his upbringing by the Magical Native American Shaman, is able to use the powers of spirit animals to gain super powers: “Eyes Of The Hawk”, “Ears Of The Wolf”, “Strength Of The Bear”, and “Speed Of The Puma”. With these powers, and the help of Thirty Thirty (his Cool Horse who can become a humanoid BFG toting Sidekick when he’s not Bravestarr’s mount), Bravestarr keeps the peace for both the settlers and the native “Prairie People”.

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It comes in a range of polyurethane or leather colours and is