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It’s not just love, it’s romantic love

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Mohr in Hemd (chocolate pudding) or Kokosbusserln (Coconut Kisses)? The cakes are as elegantly refined as the Viennese. We ate Sacher torte in a relaxed and splendidly old fashioned caf by the rear entrance of the Hofburg Palace. A Secession facade there so offended the emperor with its ‘plainness’ that he reputedly never passed it again..

plastic mould ‘My Union Jack Cake is very simple. It’s a tray bake that doesn’t require any creaming kitchenware, piping or elaborate decorating. All you need to do is make sure you copy the flag accurately, using berries for the different colours. Il fait partie de la famille des fruit cake. C’est un mlange de fruits secs, d’amandes, de Brandy, de farine, de sucre, de beurre et d’pices. Il est trs riche et particulirement goteux. plastic mould

decorating tools Heston From Waitrose Persian Spiced Christmas Pudding, 10.50 (10/10) If you prefer your puddings on the light side, then this is perfect for you. Underneath the golden sheen of the exterior, is a moist, bright pudding filled with apricots, pistachios and pomegranate liqueur. The panel adored the honey and rose butter in the centre, which melted generously to coat the pudding and gave the whole dessert a divine fragrance that wasn’t at all sickly. decorating tools

cake decorations supplier With all of the hurrying hullabaloo and ultra modern engineering of this age people often become nostalgic for ‘simpler’ times especially around the Christmas holidays. Visions of Norman Rockwell pictures of ‘Victorian era’ looking villages blanketed in snow with happy carolers singing while children eagerly await the arrival of Saint Nicholas dance through our imaginations. The thinkings of eggnog and trimming a beautiful tree make our hearts feel merry. cake decorations supplier

silicone mould Two secular groups, the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the Center For Inquiry, sent letters to Governor Pence and the Department of Natural Resources asking that the eight foot tall wood statue be removed from Whitewater Memorial State Park in Liberty. The reason for their objection is a 14 inch white cross at the bottom of the statue, which sculptor Dayle Lewis said represented a military grave. “This is an historically accurate depiction of a military grave marker. silicone mould

kitchenware Or play a board game. The new Cleudo (14.99) is a hit in my house. Mustard with the lead piping in the library has given way to football star Jack Mustard with a baseball bat in the home cinema but it just as much fun. 364 days of the year, cooking is for me an expression of love. But on Valentine’s Day, the ante is upped. It’s not just love, it’s romantic love. kitchenware

baking tools Orleans has long enjoyed a reputation for its fine restaurants, including Antoine Galatoire and Commander Palace, where one can dine on such delicacies as creamy spinach topped oysters Rockefeller, sherry spiked turtle soup, and bananas Foster. Elegant French sauces, like b hollandaise, and marchand de vin, are ladled on poached eggs, seafood, meats, and myriad vegetables, giving dishes a refined and opulent style. Venture west of the city to what is known as Acadiana (the 22 parishes counties of southern Louisiana), and you find many small towns serving spicy sausages (like boudin), rabbit stewed in sauce piquante, and crawfish Here the cuisine is pungent, peppery, and as robust as the farmers, fishermen, and trappers themselves who settled in the area more than 200 years ago baking tools.

It’s not just love, it’s romantic love