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Together with the absence of Sergio Ramos

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Ancelotti summoned 21 players, so they will make a last minute three discards, a goalkeeper and two field players. Among them is Modric returning four months after falling seriously injured and Khedira, who has overcome his latest mishap and returns after a month off in Real Madrid.Modric was injured on November 16, 2014 in a qualifying match for Euro 2016 in Milan between Croatia and Italy. He suffered a “avulsion of the proximal left rectus femoris tendon,” which has had a long recovery. The coach of Real Madrid confirmed to have half an hour in his comeback in the Bernabeu.Together with the absence of Sergio Ramos, who already trains with the group and must improve its physical tone to play again, remains the Colombian James Rodriguez, only member of the nursing continues his recovery process Real Madrid.Real Madrid: The “BBC” lost goal, what has happened to them?And Real Madrid was left without a goal. The dreaded and luxurious front formed by Cristiano, Benzema and Bale has wet gunpowderAnd Real Madrid was left without a goal. The dreaded and luxurious front formed by Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale showed in recent days that has wet gunpowder and his team pay, losing the lead in the Spanish League football and opening new cracks in every game they play.”Our problem is quite clear. It is an offensive problem, where we find solutions. Mark two matches only one penalty goal reflects that we lack efficiency up,” admitted the coach of Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, after the defeat of Saturday 1 0 away to Athletic Bilbao.”I do not find it offensive solutions, is the problem we have to solve. We played too individual, is quite confusing what we do,” he added.And the “BBC” Benzema, and Christian Bale was a lifesaver in 2014 for Real Madrid when the team suffered. Based on goals, always appeared to hold the set target.No trace remains of that front that dazzled last year and was largely responsible for the record of 22 consecutive victories.Watch Real Madrid vs Schalke 04 live stream freeWatch Real Madrid vs Schalke 04 live stream. Watch this game live and online for free. UEFA Champions League: March 10, 2015.You visited this page on 3/9/15.13 hours ago Watch Real Madrid vs Schalke 04 Live UEFA Champions League 2015 Round 16 Second Leg Match Online Welcome to UEFA Champions League Round 16.

The dream of an open and secular India is fast fading with the country’s Hindu majority’s attitude towards religious and ethnic minorities coming into question. Add to that the terse attitude towards neighbouring Pakistan and the picture of Modi’s shining India changes fast. Prime Minister Modi has returned after being feted as the darling of the US’ Silicon Valley, but his India has begun to look more like Gujarat during the time the province erupted in anti Muslim riots under Modi’s chief ministership. The hope that a mature Modi would take the reins of the country was always a forlorn one. The evidence is now there for all to see. In Kashmir, members of Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party tried to assault opposition member, Abdul Rashid, in state parliament on Thursday for holding an alleged ‘beef party’. Rashid had served beef kebabs at an event to protest the ban on eating beef in the Muslim majority province. The incident came only a week after a mob in Delhi killed a Muslim man for allegedly eating beef. After a senior minister asked the UN to investigate the poor state of minorities in India, Modi’s vague response was to call for ‘Hindus and Muslim to unite’ for the development of the country. An even more glaringly right wing reaction came in the form of a concert by Pakistani singer Ghulam Ali having to be cancelled in Mumbai after protests by the right wing Shiv Sena party. How does a farmers’ protest result in the decision to stop the train? For one, the protest includes stopping rail services as one of its tactics. On the matter of the cow slaughter controversy Pakistan’s Foreign Office has said that attacks on Muslims over cow slaughter are beyond comprehension; the FO is also reportedly looking into reports that Pakistani passengers were offloaded from the Samjhota Express at Wagah. India’s progressive intellectuals and activists, as well as parts of its entertainment industry have protested this new face of India. The country’s claim to be a secular state is being challenged daily by the Modi government. The real test now is whether any action is taken by Prime Minister Modi against members of his party who attacked the Muslim legislator in Kashmir. Till then, Modi will stand accused of turning a blind eye as secular India is destroyed by religious fanaticism.

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Together with the absence of Sergio Ramos