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Moles ka f sou vant ou te ogmante

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THE END BEGINS truly closes the door on what TANTRIC used to be and shows rock fans everywhere what can be done with talent, passion and a unique take on what modern Rock Roll should sound like.”Every ending gives birth to a new beginning,” says vocalist Hugo Ferreira. “The previous lineup is gone and that enabled me to bring in people with a whole new perspective.” Now joining Ferreira is Kevin Miller (ex FUEL) a hard hitting drummer and a human metronome, with the experience of being in a multi platinum band on his side, Joe Pessia, an intricate, detailed player “really internalizes the guitar parts and puts this incredible spin on them, Erik Leonhardt, a great bass player AND a great singer, he makes the harmonies in the songs pop, and a most unusual addition, classically trained violin player, Marcus Ratzenboeck. “We are treating his violin like a guitar,” Ferriera says.

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Moles ka f sou vant ou te ogmante